All of our jewellery is made from high quality .925 silver, and silver tarnishes. Tarnishing is when silver loses its lustre (shine), this nothing to be concerned about, it is a natural occurring process and is a result of exposure to air or moisture. It doesn’t mean your jewellery is rusting or anything like that. This is one way to tell of you actually have real silver in any silver product you buy.

Anyone claiming that their product is silver and it doesn’t tarnish is most likely selling a super cheap stainless steel product with some kind of coating on top, the only thing silver is the colour.

Tarnishing doesn’t damage your jewellery, but does reduce the shine, all you have to do, using a silver polishing cloth, carefully polish your jewellery, be especially careful not to polish too much or too quickly as this can remove the oxidisation (darker parts of the jewellery, purposely added to give it its unique style and vintage look) take your time and check before continuing. It only takes a few minutes for your jewellery to get back to its previous shine.

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